Adult Family Therapy London

Adult Family therapy London

ONLINE WORKSHOPS: We are offering online intensives and sessions from April 2020. These intensives reflect the same objectives and information as in-person workshops. We are able to offer more flexibility in time, group size, and frequency. Please contact us at or 07939624790 for more information. 

Adult Family therapy and Counseling – Relationship-therapy & Recovery Approach

Relationship Therapy & Recovery helps families cope with any family situation that causes stress, trauma, anger, or conflict. Family relationships can be difficult to navigate, and at Relationship Therapy & Recovery we help improve troubled relationships between family members using a structured process that facilitates communication and understanding.

  • Each session is driven by the challenges and obstacles that the family is experiencing
  • The therapist guides discussion between the members of the family
  • Each family member is heard and given an opportunity to state their issues.
  • Everyone’s feelings are considered.
  • Existing dynamics are challenged.
  • The aim is to improve communication and learn skills to cope with challenging situations.
  • During each session, the therapist will help all family members to identify and uncover the root causes of the issues

We highly recommend, when possible, that all family members attend a session that usually lasts for up to two hours.

Please note that Relationship Therapy & Recovery does not accept family members under the age of 18.