One Week Intensive Programme For Men - Relationship - Therapy & Recovery

ONLINE WORKSHOPS: We are offering online intensives from April 2020. These intensives reflect the same objectives and information as in person workshops. We are able to offer more flexibility in time, group size and frequency. Please contact us on: or 07939624790 for more information. 

The One Week Men’s Intensive Programme is a solid platform on which to build your recovery upon, Dr. Robert Hudson. 

The successful One Week Men’s Intensive Programmes has been developed specifically for individuals struggling with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and sexual addiciton. It is a viable and practical alternative to residential treatment.
We use psycho-education and group therapy to encourage positive change. An important component of the group process is experiential in nature. The group works together, supports each other and shares their similar issues. Progress is evidenced by increased awareness and the ability to make healthy choices versus being driven by impulses.

Upcoming Dates for the One Week Men’s Intensive Programme:

The group is deliberately limited to 8 participants and places fill up fast.

29/01/24 – 02/02/24
11/03/24 – 15/03/24
22/04/24 – 26/04/24
03/06/24 – 07/06/24
15/07/24 – 19/07/24
16/09/24 – 20/09/24
28/10/24 – 01/11/24
09/12/24 – 13/12/24
27/01/25 – 31/01/25

This programme is also ideal for anyone who is not a resident in the UK, or who cannot commit to a longer term structured programme and is offered in our central London practice.

Objectives of the One Week Intensive:

  • Understand and break through denial
  • Explore root cause to addiction, and trauma
  • Reduce shame, and manage feelings
  • Develop a sobriety plan, and prevent relapse
  • Introduce healthy sexuality
  • Limit the damage from the behaviour
  • Live in a culture of support, and manage relationship and family issues
  • Do your recovery work in a safe environment that ensures confidentiality and anonymity

What clients say about the One Week Men’s Intensive Programme:

“The one week intensive has made me realise the extent of the destruction my sex addiction was having on my life and marriage.”

“The one week intensive has allowed me to start my life again and continue with my recovery journey”

“Everyone was really helpful, the support has been fantastic and the honesty”

“I’d like to thank all the therapists on the intensive for their knowledge, compassion and insight, I thought you were all wonderful”

The Structure:

Relationship Therapy & Recovery’s One Week Men’s Intensive Programme is held at our central London practice and runs from Monday to Friday. The programme combines group and individual therapy and participants will complete over 45 hours of therapy.

Daily Schedule includes:

Educational lectures, group work, individual therapy and task work.

For more information on the One Week Men’s Intensive Programme at Relationship Therapy & Recovery please call 07939 624 790.

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