Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is the umbrella term used to describe the different number of compulsive sexual behaviours including but not limited to multiple sexual partners, pornography addiction, paying for sex, voyeurism as well as online infidelity, online sex and porn addiction. These behaviours when left unchecked may have negative and destructive outcomes in one’s life.

According to The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is a persistent and escalating pattern or patterns of sexual behaviors acted out despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others.

In recent years media exposure of Sex Addiction and self-confessed celebrity Sex Addicts (Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, Russell Brand, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas€¦to name a few) has raised awareness of what has historically been a taboo subject.

Hollywood continues to highlight the growing problem of sex addiction with the release of films such as Shame, Don Jon, Her, Nymphomaniac and Thanks for Sharing. These films help to dispel the myth that sex addiction is simply about having too much sex. Rather sex addiction is a progressive condition that focuses on a person’s need to find the ultimate sexual high.

One of the fundamental problems with diagnosing and treating Compulsive Sexual Behaviour is that there is no visible scarring like other addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Gambling) and as a result it can go underground for many years which forces the sexual addict to live a double life.

The Hudson Centre offers a unique and pioneering One Week Intensive Programme For Men that is a highly effective and targeted therapy workshop. The 7 day outpatient programme focuses on Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, sexual compulsivity and Internet-related sexual problems and delivers one week of intensive therapy that is equivalent to 45 hours of therapy.

ONLINE WORKSHOPS: We are offering online intensives from April 2020. These intensives reflect the same objectives and information as in person workshops. We are able to offer more flexibility in time, group size and frequency. Please contact us on: or 07939 624 790 for more information. 

“I strongly believe that the group environment provides a space for individuals to intimately discuss and share experiences in a confidential setting. This is where recovery is very likely to be initiated.” – Robert Hudson

For further details on how The Hudson Centre can provide you with assistance regarding Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, please call 07939 624 790.