Psychosexual Counselling

Psychosexual Counselling

ONLINE WORKSHOPS: We are offering online intensives and sessions from April 2020. These intensives reflect the same objectives and information as in person workshops. We are able to offer more flexibility in time, group size and frequency. Please contact us on: or 07939624790 for more information. 

If you suffer from a sexual problem, a relationship problem or both, you are not alone. At least 40 – 60% of all couples struggle with a sexual problem at some time or other during the course of their relationship. Relationship Therapy & Recovery is renowned for its treatment of sexual afflictions and difficulties with intimacy. Sexual problems can occur in all types of relationships; heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Unfortunately fear and embarrassment often stop people from discussing sexual dysfunction and asking for help.

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Psychosexual Therapy London

Some of the issues we specialise in:

  • Lack of desire
  •  Lack of libido
  • Impotence
  • Vaginismus
  • Premature Ejaculation and Delayed Ejaculation
  •  Intimacy Problems

Psychosexual Therapy & Councelling in London

At Relationship Therapy & Recovery, we provide Psychosexual therapy and counselling, as well as work with couples who want to heal and improve the sexual elements of their relationship. We provide a confidential, comfortable and supportive environment where they can safely face and overcome their issues.

  • Relationship Therapy & Recovery’s Cognitive – Interpersonal Treatment Model
  • Psycho-educational and cognitive intervention
  • Countering misinformation leading to dysfunctional attitudes and unrealistic expectations
  • Script assessment and modification
  • Exploring performance script compared to ideal or imagined script
  • Conflict resolution and relationship enhancement
  • Understanding the role of couple dynamics
  • Sexual and performance anxiety reduction
  • Reducing cognitive distraction and enhancing awareness of erotic cues
  • Relapse prevention
  • Establishing strategies and techniques for maintaining therapeutic gains