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The holiday season is a challenging time for most people and particularly for those who are in recovery. With this in mind, The Hudson Centre has prepared 12 handy tips to help you manage the holiday stresses.

Tip 12 The Purpose of the 12 tips is to help keep you, as an individual, safe during the festive season.

Tip 11 Maintain contact with Support Network Throughout the holiday time this can be challenging especially when surrounded by family and friends. It’s easy to slip into the belief that you do not need to reach out or plug into recovery, yet it is essential to keep in touch with your support system, your therapist or a close family friend.

Tip 10 Pause to reflect upon the YearThe end of the year is an ideal time to look back and evaluate the progress made, the challenges overcome and the obstacles you faced throughout the year. Don’t forget to acknowledge all the successes no matter how small.

Tip 9 Make time for Me timeWithin the busyness and hassles of the festive period it is important to find time for yourself in order to maintain your self-care, so take time to sit, relax and recharge.

Tip 8 Healthcare ScreeningBook an appointment to see your doctor or main healthcare professional, and get a complete physical as it will add to your peace of mind as you move into the new year.

Tip 7 Unplugged DayWith the current nature of being plugged in and switched on all day, everyday, taking the opportunity to switch off all electronic devices and giving yourself permission to be unplugged is an important step for downtime and rest.

Tip 6 Watch your favourite MovieGet the popcorn out and watch movies. Mix it up, old favourites, a feel good movie or take a look at the 7 essential movies we recommend to watch over the festive period (Add link). The Hudson Centre warning: these movies are focused around Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and recovery.

Tip 5 Improve your physical healthGo to the GymAs the holidays can be indulgent and tend to centre around food cakes and sitting around, take some time to visit the gym as it is important to maintain the ideals you set out during the year or perhaps start a new initiative.

Tip 4 Go for a walk in the Great Out DoorsTake the opportunity to explore your surroundings and re-connect with nature. Get yourself outside and walk for no specific period of time.

Tip 3 Get creativeSpend some time working on creative pursuits, drawing, writing, baking, and paintingdo anything that boosts your sense of self.

Tip 2 Make an appointment to see your therapist time with your family and friends may stir up negative feelings and meeting with your therapist to re-connect to yourself and your process can be beneficial.

Tip 1 Preparation for the next 100 daysAs you prepare for the next phase of your development, outlining and deciding upon the things you wish to achieve in the next year, write down 100 things that will provide traction in life and recovery.

How to use guide: Print a copy of these tips and keep it with you.

You will encounter stress during the holidays, however be mindful of the 12 tips to help you manage the stress. Please feel free to share with your network.

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