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The evolution within the movie industry has allowed themes of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, compulsive cheating, pornography and non-intimate sex to be explored within many mainstream films. From Gaslight back in the 1940’s to current titles like Thanks for Sharing in 2012, these films depict the nature and the different types of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. Following is a list of movies, we have put together that clarifies, informs and more importantly may help audiences emotionally connect with the subject matter. Further, we have found that these movies may also prove helpful to anyone who is in the process of recovery from addictive sexual behaviour or if they are unsure, or if they have questions on Compulsive Sexual Behaviour.

Thanks for Sharing A landmark film in the sex addiction genre, it explores the ways that addicts recover through the dynamics of 12 step fellowships and support groups. A useful film for individuals unsure of the journey ahead and wanting to find out what Compulsive Sexual Behaviour recovery is all about from a 12 step perspective. We recommend watching this movie as it may help individuals to understand and appreciate what recovery is and what it is not and what to expect along the path.

Don Jon An expose on the underlying dynamics of relationships in the face of active porn addiction. The central character exhibits the far reaching consequences porn addiction can have on a person’s life and the function that the behaviour plays in their life. As the film progresses the ideas of true intimacy and love are explored against the backdrop of porn addiction. A film we recommend to individuals who may be struggling with excessive porn use and or porn addiction. This movie also helps to discuss the obsessive and compulsive behaviours that contribute to the addiction.

Shame From a Hudson Centre perspective this movie explicitly demonstrates how evocative the behaviour of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour can be. Through showing the viewer a progression in behaviour from paying for sex to seeking to be sexual in a multitude of environments this movie centres around the perpetual and progressive shame and addict feels. Shame is a useful film for understanding and appreciating the depth of feeling that happens with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour.

Choke This movie examines the path of continuing destruction that a sexual addict faces despite attempts to improve their behaviour and relationships. The central character wrestles with the question in the process of recovery or not?The theme of attracting attention through choking and wanting to manipulate a situation is a reflection of a family dynamic playing out for the central character. From a Hudson Centre perspective the purpose of watching the film is to see the extent of the behaviour and what continuing despite and in spite of the consequences actually does to the addict.

Nymphomaniac Part 1 & 2 A movie that explicitly demonstrates the dynamics and development of Nymphomania or Compulsive Sexual Behaviour throughout the life of the female central character. Many issues of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and paraphilia are explored and demonstrated during the course of the two films. A Hudson Centre advises caution when watching this movie for the explicit instruction that potentially triggering or arousing images are part of the content and discretion and support are recommended during viewing.

Cruising A film that looks at the hidden dynamics of gay culture in the 1970’s amidst a backdrop of deception, murder and mystery. The movie focuses on the nuisances of communication and homosexual preferences and the issues faced when expressing sexuality in this context. From a Hudson Centre perspective this movie focuses on the secretive nature of sexuality and is a useful film for anyone struggling with the ideas of sexuality or sexual preference.

Her The latest film that demonstrates the virtual world of love, intimacy, lust and connection. The movie offers the viewer the chance to experience the one dimensional bubble of absorption into technology that morphs into an obsession that controls the central character. It continues by showing how the addiction took hold of his reality destroying his life.

We are recommending these movies as a springboard for you to understand the intricacies of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. We recommend that addicts, partners and family members participate (age appropriate) in viewing for more clarification and awareness of the addiction. If you and or your partner feel that some of the content of the above movies relates to you or your situation, please do call us to speak to one of our qualified Compulsive Sexual Behaviour therapists.

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