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While anyone can become compulsively obsessed with watching online pornography, to visiting prostitutes regularly or constantly cheating on their partner, if left unchecked this behaviour can become problematic and addictive, resulting in negative and destructive outcomes in one’s life.

In order to control and stop any addictive behaviour, a change in habits, actions and behaviours that contribute to the addiction as well as a recovery process is essential.

The Hudson Centre’s 6 key steps in the recovery process are:

  1. Admit that the behaviour is out of control and is seriously damaging your life and your family’s life
    Admit to yourself that the problem is not in your control.
  2. Developing honesty with self and in time with others will help to build accountability.
  3. Attendance at a 12 step fellowship that focuses on the behaviour you wish to stop.
  4. Start to build a secure network of individuals who will help you deal with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that present in recovery.

Commit to therapy with a qualified professional who can guide you through some of the underlying dynamics at work that have contributed to the behaviour.
The Hudson Centre specialises in the treatment of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour and has a broad knowledge and experience base to draw upon when treating clients. We integrate the latest theory and approaches for treating problems related to sexual compulsivity or dysfunction. The Hudson Centre offers 8 Breakthrough Programmes, allowing clients to choose their path to recovery.

Being integral, compassionate, honest, young and vibrant, The Hudson Centre brings a new and fresh perspective and approach to recovery.

The Hudson Centre Rebuilding pathways to a healthy life

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