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Sex addiction is a progressive disease that consumes lives, destroys relationships and robs addicts and their partners of self-respect. Spouses and partners of sex addicts are often traumatized by the discovery of betrayal.

This programme is designed for any couple recovering from Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. The essence of the couples treatment utilises psycho educational techniques:

  • The origins of Compulsive Sexual Behaviour
  • Betrayal trauma, and the barriers to intimacy
  • Healthy sexuality and communication
  • Understanding principles of recovery and healthy boundaries
  • Reclaiming your own power and the ability to make more balanced decisions
  • This programme can be an important step in achieving healthy intimacy in relationship with another.

The couples treatment utilises the latest research and techniques of the leading Compulsive Sexual Behaviour specialists.


Following are what couples, who have experienced the Couples Intensive programme have to say about the success and impact the weekend had on them. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and therefore the testimonials are intentionally anonymous.

The couples programme allowed us to jump start our recovery and open communication in our relationship. A very well presented course

We felt the whole weekend was beneficial and we were happy with all aspects. Excellent job by the team leaders, thank you

The couples’ workshop helped us develop more intimacy in our marriage and develop a healthy sex life

The weekend gave us the ability to articulate true feelings in a safe area. It was the first time I have been able to open up and talk without fear of judgement or anger

It was an emotional and heartfelt weekend. Excellent job by the team leaders, we appreciated the guidance and understanding. Thank you

The Couples Intensive Weekend Structure:

The weekend is non-residential and runs for 2.5 days.

Friday 12.30pm 5 pm

Saturday 10am 5 pm

Sunday 10am 5 pm

Enrollment is limited to five couples.
Lunch and refreshments are included.

Workshops are held at:

13 John Prince’s Street.Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0JR


Robert Hudson, UKCP, CSAT-S Psychotherapist; Addiction Treatment and Trauma Specialist.

Karen Lloyd, Certified Sex Addiction and Relationship Therapist.

Upcoming Workshops:

Friday 15th January 2016 Sunday 17th January 2016
Friday 11th March 2016 Sunday 13th March 2016
Friday 13th May 2016 Sunday 15th May 2016
Friday 8th July 2016 Sunday 10th July 2016

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