Aftercare Programme - Relationship - Therapy & Recovery

After attending one of the intensive programmes or having done sufficient recovery work, clients will be eligible to attend the aftercare programme.

We combine psycho-education, and group process to encourage positive change. This programme is also deeply experiential.

The programme is designed to deepen your recovery experience in an intimate group setting. This will provide you with strategies and tools to solidify the tasks completed in previous programmes. Participants will be able to independently and effectively manage their recovery, with a support system available.

Aftercare acts as a continuing support system to on-going recovery. The emphasis of the programme is centred on trauma and shame reduction, and transitioning from an addictive system to healthy intimacy and sexuality.

Participants who attend 12 step meetings, on average, do much better than those who do not.

The Structure

Our programme runs once a week Wednesdays nights from 7pm 8:30pm.

Each week includes: Educational lectures, group work, and task work. Due to the size limitations of our programme, book your place early.

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