Sex addiction clinic - Relationship - Therapy & Recovery

If you are looking for the very best sex addiction clinic, you should contact The Hudson Centre today. We are based in the heart of London and deliver high quality bespoke treatments services for  for trauma and addiction, including psychotherapy for individuals, couples and groups. We always ensure our clients feel respected and supported when working with us – so you know we are the very best sex addiction clinic to go to.

Here at The Hudson Centre, our reputation for our customer service and reliability as a business is truly outstanding – something we are very proud to uphold with each of the clients we work with. Our entire team have a wealth of experience in assessment, treatment planning and interventions for those that need help. Their main focus is always to rebuild healthy relationships with oneself and others, helping to provide the very best results.

We offer offer counselling, psychotherapy and addiction treatment for individual adults, couples and families of individuals over 18 years old who are facing a variety of troubles and issues in life. At this sex addiction clinic, our therapy is designed to support clients in exploring the root causes of their behaviour and changing how they manage themselves, in and out of relationships.

If you are interested in working with the best sex addiction clinic, you should contact a member of our excellent customer service team today. You can rest assured that all correspondence is kept in the strictest confidence. Please call our office on +44 20 7493 4488 or use the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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